Australian prospect visits Swift Elearning Services!!

July 4th 2012, 10 AM, Our business prospect from Australia Mike Wallace (CEO) visited Swift Elearning Services.

Swift Elearning Services has ventured in the Australian market targeting many companies belonging to different verticals. Mike Wallace visited our office to detail about the proposed project confirming the business deal. Our company Director Syed Amjad Ali extended warm welcome to Mike, affirming longstanding business relationship.

Mike had personally interacted with all the teams knowing more about their work profile and skill set. Our marketing specialist Mr. Ajay briefed Mike about the company services and project process.

To conclude with, both the parties are of the opinion that the visit would lay strong foundation to the business and reap mutual benefits.


Flash Action Script Error For Course Published Using Authoring Tool

Authoring tools always makes the work simple for developing an elearning course, classroom training or webinars. But this time it was a big challenge we came across with authoring tools.

One of our clients has developed 100 quizzes using a Quiz Maker authoring tool. Each quiz were have questions somewhere from 90 – 120. All the development face complement and everything worked absolutely fine on offline. When the quizzes were uploaded online, they were showing following error “A script in this movie is causing FLASH 10 to run slowly. Do you want to cancel the script.”

Solving any scripting error is not a big issues but the challenge was since the quizzes were published using an Authoring tool, we don’t have source files. If we try to use any Flash Decompile software then as per my knowledge there is no such decompiling software which can decode accurately a .swf generated using an authoring tool.

The reason for displaying script error was, in the quizzes it was having huge questions which were taking quite some time to get loaded and because the loading time was exceeding the default loading time, the error was generated.

To fix this issue we used a code injector and increase the default loading time and it worked absolutely fine.

Hope this article helped you understand how to solve flash action script error for over loaded content without decompiling it.