Is it Necessary to Implement Blended Learning?

Blended Learning
Corporate training programs have been implemented by most companies as a matter of investment. But, with technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it is not enough if you just leave all the training sessions in to just classroom training. It may not fulfil all the goals completely. Today, we see BYOD, next generation cloud computing, and all other pervasive technology. In order to enhance appeal, reach, and impact all in one, it is important to revamp the training program and move to a new strategy called Blended Learning.

Understanding the overall essence of the Blended Learning methodology is most important. A combination of several elements is contained in it. It includes teaching methods that are efficient and effective, powerful and rich content, and dissemination channels that are enabled using a Learning Management System that is efficient enough. You can sum it up by saying that blended learning solutions are much more than a simple classroom teaching methodology. You have all round techniques involved in it, like eLearning modules, face to face sessions by instructors that lead to games, and also learning programs employing the social media.

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind before implementing blended learning in to your organizations learning programs. Here are the most important questions you need to consider before making the big move:

  • Is your current learning program benefiting a geographically diverse workforce? Have you left enough room and space for flexibility? Have you implemented the concept of anywhere anytime learning?
  • Are your organization’s learning objectives effectively fulfilled using the current strategy and methodology?
  • Is optimal learning working out with your employees? Are they having a continuous learning process?
  • Have you made sure to set training touch points to appeal to the interests and requirements of the Generation C workforce? Are these methods interactive and modern? Do they align with the social media?

In case you find that at least one of these questions answers ‘no’, then you need to implement blended learning methodology in your learning program. This enables you to help your employees to excel in their roles and provide them the fuel to focus in their work and offer continuous learning programs to help them grow.

The concept of Blended Learning

The LMS enabled Blended Learning includes the core concepts of Mobile Learning, Online Learning, Social Media or Informal Learning, Games, and Classroom Training. If the Learning and Development function is able to regularly align the outcomes with the larger goals of the organization, then you can say that the learning is effective. Blended Learning is what is needed to improve the performance for the organization. You could create a vibrant learning environment with this. Using technology as the backbone and other channels to be able to disseminate the content, the employees will be able to experience flexibility and quality in all the learning processes.



How do you keep yourself updated to what’s happening in the world of eLearning?

How do you keep yourself updated to what’s happening in the world of eLearning?
  • May be by going through different sites?
  • May be getting Alerts?
  • May be using RSS?
What about getting all the updates, information and alerts at/from one place?????

We at Swift Elearning Services Private Limited have come up with the initiative to have all the updates and news linked to Elearning throughout the world at one place, a site where we can have innumerable options to compare and choose from, without toggling between different sites. As it might get infuriating and exasperating at times to reach the fitting place to have enhanced decisions with varied options available. So if you want to keep yourself abreast with the news and updates related to Elearning, Etraining Pedia is the precise destination for all your queries. We always found that in expedition of reaching to the desired location or content we come across many blogs and articles which are irrelevant, and then again we go through the dilemma to filter the content we need, and while filtration, we miss out on pertinent and useful stuffs.

We at Swift started Etraining Pedia with an Idea where we accumulate news from various websites and blogs which will be shared with our team to keep them updated on what’s happening around the world. During this progression and inventiveness we concluded that it can be really advantageous to the users and visitors to have an incisive and extensive site to gain from. The subscribed users will get regular updates through mails about every occurrence on the turf of Elearning. So when you will be on Job, our team will work hard to collect news from various parts of the world and keep them ready for you at

The trial run of the website has been really heartening. The users have cherished the idea of creating a website which would offer updates on online learning and training worldwide. At the same time the feedback provided by the users has been really instrumental and crucial as incorporating the suggestions has made the website more effective and dynamic.

As earlier the website was mainly dealing with blogs and articles but now it has wider and meticulous options available for the users like videos and webinars. So the trial run of the website has truly added lot of worth and significance. And we have plans to add wide-ranging value added services to make the site more comprehensive and rewarding for our users and visitors as well.

And more significantly we are open to all the suggestions to make the site more resourceful and user friendly. And we pledge to take appropriate steps to enhance, modify and adapt to make our site better with every constructive criticism.


SKILLSdox Signs 10 Year Exclusive Deal with Indian Development Firm: Swift Elearning Services

SKILLSdox Inc., an Ottawa, Canada based company and SWIFT Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad, India have entered into a 10 year exclusive agreement to build out 100s of eLearning development templates for the most popular authoring tools used by all major organizations around the globe.

SWIFT, an eLearning professional service group was approached by SKILLSdox in the early part of 2013 to discuss opportunities around an outsourcing model. As the development work commenced, SKILLSdox saw in SWIFT the same level of quality, attention to detail and their quick response time. While there are many challenges within the development efforts to produce effective online learning programs, quality and quick response times are usually 2 that contradict each other. “When SKILLSdox approached us about creating over 150 dynamic templates directly in their authoring tool so that they could become more efficient with production timelines without comprising quality, we were excited to be part of this project that could change global development processes.” said Syed Amjad Ali, Director of SWIFT.

As within most project work, there are 3 constraints that are typically present. Time, Cost and Quality. The eLearning industry is no different. When there is pressure to reduce costs for development as an example, either quality or time to completion will suffer. The eLearning industry is relatively still quite young and with most companies still struggling through the development process, SKILLSdox has decided to do something about it. “When building an online course, it can take anywhere from to 4-8 weeks in order to create something that is dynamic, engaging and interactive. Our thought was why not pre design, develop and integrate learning assets directly into the main authoring tools we use. With these pre- developed e-templates, we are then able to reduce costs and development time down to about 1 week without compromising quality. As our library of e-templates increase, so do our efficiencies.” said Brad Loiselle, President of SKILLSdox.

Looking at the industry as a whole, other authoring tools such as Lectora, Captivate, Flash and Articulate all seem to face the same development challenges. Instead of SKILLSdox stopping at only the authoring tool they use, they have decided to expand their development efforts across the board. By combining resources, SKILLSdox and SWIFT are working to provide the industry with one of the largest portfolios of premium eLearning template repositories. SKILLSdox has launched its first version of its offering at and will incorporate all the new templates as they become available.

More about SKILLSdox

SKILLSdox, head office located in Ottawa Canada, with an office in Mumbai India, has established an education network and platform that connects quality content partners with in-country channel partners all while supporting the needs of both partners in terms of development services, online infrastructure and marketing support. SKILLSdox also does not charge any upfront costs back the partners for it’s service, but rather focuses on revenue sharing opportunities when the programs are launched solving another problem of affordability. Visit SKILLSdox at:

More about SWIFT

Swift eLearning Services Pvt. Ltd., is a custom eLearning service providers with a blend of technical and subject matter expertise that caters to the specific needs of the training. Their services include: Custom Courseware Development, Rapid e-learning tools, Translations and localizations. Visit SWIFT at:


Is online education taking over the conventional mode of education?

Online EducationOnline education has shown tremendous popularity among all the different age groups. The last decade had been instrumental in popularizing the concept of online learning and education. The reason being the demand for convenient learning at individual pace and availability had been pivotal in making it so relevant in today’s time. The time has changed tremendously and people have become more aware to keep themselves abreast with advancement and development of technology, courses and training as a continuous process.

The changing time has thrown challenges for learning and continuous advancement in career. The conventional organization doesn’t offer much of flexibility in terms of individual pace and accessibility when people are working at different levels of their careers. It becomes difficult to peruse courses in conventional organization as they have certain limitation in regards to attendance and access to the material and faculty members. Under these circumstances online learning comes into picture and offers respite from the limitation of conventional education system and makes it convenient for the learner to follow the dream of enhancement at all the levels and profiles.

The greatest advantage of the online learning is to have the class anywhere in the world and enrollment in the courses across the globe without being physically present, so it makes it more versatile and compatible for students to learn and grow professionally and academically. The web based courses are planned and executed in a way to have self paced convenient and comprehensive learning. With the introduction of online assignments and evaluation the online learning has become more authentic. At the same time courses and assignments are designed in a way to give flexibility to learners on all the possible levels without compromising on the content. The process of online learning makes it extremely convenient for the instructors and evaluators to use the material extensively without being worried about reproducing it. And then bringing about changes through the process of editing and enhancement on a regular basis keeps the material updated.

The other remarkable development is the minimization of papers in the learning process and then sharing of learning material among learners becomes convenient and easy through web. And then to get the questions answered on a more diverse and detailed ways through different people around the world. The online learning has made the interaction across the globe very easy as it gives an opportunity to benefit and enhance the content with the development happening in any particular field, at any particular time. So now we don’t need to wait for the books to be published on different topics but to enroll ourselves on any desired course throughout the globe.

The cost effectiveness is also considered to be one of the major selling points for online education as it allows learners to access the material without traveling to different parts of the world. In turn saving time and money and making life more productive.
The coming years will completely dimorph learning process. And online classroom or virtual classroom teaching is going to give the conventional methods and organization a run for their money. Gradually the online education would play a major, diverse, decisive and comprehensive role in the field of education. It makes education accessible, affordable, flexible and time saving.


Online Training Courses for Employee Training

There is a buzz everywhere in the corporate world about this new trend. More and more people want to take advantage of online training. But many questions arise like;

- What is online training?

- Is it really helpful?

- How is it different from the traditional ways of training?

And many more similar questions.

In the today’s competitive world, everyone wants to be different and ahead of others. And for this, one needs to have certain qualities and skills which can differentiate him/her from others. Each and every professional has to be updated with the new things happening around. Entrepreneurs want their staff on the cutting edge with all the possible training and learning to get the maximum output.

Earlier all this was done by the one-to-one manual training. But this process was very time consuming and expensive as company had to bear the cost of training either by sending the employees to the trainer or conducting the seminars or training in the company itself.

But with the emerging option of online training of the employees, this whole process has become very easy, simple and reasonable also.

Online training is basically a training process through online training courses which are designed based on the guidelines given by the employer in order to provide training to the employees. Online courses provide the flexibility of taking the training at any time throughout the day 24×7 with the option of learning at its own pace. Different learning tools are used like videos, webinar, apps and games to make the training very interactive and engaging. 

Why online training?

There are many reasons to opt for online training rather than the traditional training processes.

  • Specific: As the case with traditional face to face training, one does not have to attend the whole seminar if the requirement is very specific. Through online training, time is saved as there is an option to take the training in the specific field required.
  • Go mobile: With the increasing use of mobile devices like i-pad, i-phone, IOS devices, one can take the course at home, or at office and even when he/she is travelling just by carrying the smartphone.
  •  Time saving: In the today’s busy world, one does not have time to listen or read the full long story. So, these e-learning courses are designed in small modules, quizzes, podcasts or small videos which are easy to learn and retain and saves time also.

To provide the learners with more and more options for e-learning on mobile platform, there is a need to develop these courses on mobile compatible platform for these iOS devices. To cater the needs of our aspirant e-learners, Swift E-learning Services Pvt. Ltd., provides the best e-learning courses with all the latest authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, HTML5, Captivate etc., with the dedicated team of best of the instructional designers and developers  who understand the needs of their e-learners.