Flash Courseware Conversion to HTML5

“Mobile devices are the need of time” – It is just not a saying but these mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Smart Phones rule the market with the capture of 600 millions devices and their users worldwide. This data clearly shows that how much we depend upon these devices and thus we need more and more mobile compatible platform to avail maximum services from this virtual world of mobile devices.

In the recent past, Flash was one of the best and trusted technologies for developing the engaging and interactive course material for e-learning. But with the increased popularity and use of mobile devices, Flash has slowly been replaced by HTML5 – the new revolution in the world of mobile e-learning. This problem of incompatibility was fairly solved by HTML5.

HTML5 has revolutionized the process of reaching to the millions of mobile device users and serve them with the latest e-learning courseware. It is very important to convert the Flash courses to HTML5 if it has to be delivered to the users who are using iOS devices.

We have already discussed the major disadvantage but there are some more which are as follows:

  • Flash uses more power on Mac Computers and users have to face problem with drained batteries.
  • It also causes overheating and problem with touch screen.
  • It works best only with computers and poor performance with mobile devices.

HTML5 is not only compatible but it is more approachable and easy to use by the developers. Now you don’t have to remember all the long codes as was the case with XHTML to develop any course. The courseware can be developed very easily without losing any its video and audio quality.

We at Swift E-learning are moving with the need of time and provide our clients and learners the latest and best quality interactive and engaging e-learning courseware and cater to all their learning needs. Our developers and instructional designers work hard and are dedicated to satisfy our clients and provide them with enriching experience.


Is HTML5 cutting edge for E-Learning?

Day by day, as the numbers of mobile devices like iPad or i-Phone or Tablets are increasing, there is a need for a bridge to fill the gap between the different Operating Systems and provide multiple platform compatibility. In the web world, everyday there are new developments in one or the other field and at the top is the e-learning or mobile. Mobile games which have gained a huge recognition and thus are very popular. The education sector has started drifting from classroom learning to mobile learning and there is a great demand for e-learning solutions.

The biggest issue faced by e-learning courseware developers is to keep the content interactive and engaging on the mobile platform for which Flash was being used. The problem of compatibility has given rise to HTML5 for developing mobile stuffs without compromising on the quality of the content.

HTML5 is the revolutionary product in the mobile web world which has given the new dimension to the mobile web world i.e. electronic learning or e-learning. Earlier Flash was being used to develop these courses but when iOS devices became popular then there was the urgent need of a common platform which could serve as the medium to design these courses with the same quality as was delivered by Flash. There are endless possibilities in the web world using HTML5. It was introduced in the web market in the year 1990 and now has reached at the pinnacle of its popularity because of its magical output on iOS devices.

According to the researchers, the use of HTML5 in the mobile web world will reach to 2.1 billion. And even today HTML5 captures more than 78% market of the mobile web world. The graph of the popularity of HTML5 has still not reached its peak and has the long way in its journey to rule the web world.

We at Swift E-learning Services are proud to develop e-learning courses for mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or Tablets or Smart Phones using HTML5 for our clients and provide those results with unmatched quality. We are one of the best companies with the team of experienced Instructional Designers in the e-world and excel at providing e-learning solutions to our clients all over the Globe by making use of the cutting edge technology for e-learning i.e. HTML5.