Mobile Learning for Training

As the days are passing, mobile has synced into our lifestyle and is digging deeper. Number of mobile devices users is increasing every day. Reports say that by 2012, more than 80% US population will be on mobile. Mobile devices have reached to every sector right from professionals, to educators, to students, to kids and many more. Mobile apps are catering individual of all the age groups. Because of the increasing popularity of these mobile devices, training courses are also offered through mobile devices. Professionals now prefer mobile courses for training over the traditional training. This is the era of mobile workforce.

What is Mobile Learning?

With the introduction of mobile devices like iOS devices i.e. iphone, ipad, smart phones, tablets etc., information is at the fingertips. Mobile learning is basically the process of learning through mobile applications where courses are given online through Internet and are designed to be given on mobile platform without any actual instructor. These courses are designed keeping in mind the learners need by the Instructional Designer.

Mobile training- very popular among entrepreneur and professionals

There are various reasons which encourage professionals to go mobile.

  • First advantage is that you don’t have to go anywhere for training. It can be done at workplace, at home and even during travelling. This not only saves time but it controls the training cost and is very comfortable also.
  • Second advantage is that one doesn’t have to swallow in the whole training at one time as happens in the traditional training but he/she has the advantage of learning at his/her own pace and convenience. It gives the option of selective learning.
  • The next very important advantage is that the individual is always connected and can be updated at anytime during the learning process through mobile learning. Mobile learning courses can be updated or upgraded at any instance without going to actual location of the learner.

These benefits make the online learning the first choice among learners. There are many companies who cater the needs of the demand of this mobile world. One of them is Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the pioneer companies in its field with long list of very satisfied clients all over the world. It has the team of very dedicated developers and instructional designers who always find new and innovative ways to provide something new to its learner by using the latest authoring tools like Articulate storyline, HTML5, etc.