How do you keep yourself updated to what’s happening in the world of eLearning?

How do you keep yourself updated to what’s happening in the world of eLearning?
  • May be by going through different sites?
  • May be getting Alerts?
  • May be using RSS?
What about getting all the updates, information and alerts at/from one place?????

We at Swift Elearning Services Private Limited have come up with the initiative to have all the updates and news linked to Elearning throughout the world at one place, a site where we can have innumerable options to compare and choose from, without toggling between different sites. As it might get infuriating and exasperating at times to reach the fitting place to have enhanced decisions with varied options available. So if you want to keep yourself abreast with the news and updates related to Elearning, Etraining Pedia is the precise destination for all your queries. We always found that in expedition of reaching to the desired location or content we come across many blogs and articles which are irrelevant, and then again we go through the dilemma to filter the content we need, and while filtration, we miss out on pertinent and useful stuffs.

We at Swift started Etraining Pedia with an Idea where we accumulate news from various websites and blogs which will be shared with our team to keep them updated on what’s happening around the world. During this progression and inventiveness we concluded that it can be really advantageous to the users and visitors to have an incisive and extensive site to gain from. The subscribed users will get regular updates through mails about every occurrence on the turf of Elearning. So when you will be on Job, our team will work hard to collect news from various parts of the world and keep them ready for you at

The trial run of the website has been really heartening. The users have cherished the idea of creating a website which would offer updates on online learning and training worldwide. At the same time the feedback provided by the users has been really instrumental and crucial as incorporating the suggestions has made the website more effective and dynamic.

As earlier the website was mainly dealing with blogs and articles but now it has wider and meticulous options available for the users like videos and webinars. So the trial run of the website has truly added lot of worth and significance. And we have plans to add wide-ranging value added services to make the site more comprehensive and rewarding for our users and visitors as well.

And more significantly we are open to all the suggestions to make the site more resourceful and user friendly. And we pledge to take appropriate steps to enhance, modify and adapt to make our site better with every constructive criticism.


Making E-learning translation more effective

E-Learning translation

It has become a universal fact that hiring a teacher or trainer for executing training will incur higher cost then the cost of the E-learning and training and that is the reason all the companies prefer offering training to the employees which is cost effective and can be offered at individual pace. The other remarkable benefit of the E-learning course ware is that, the training and learning can take place in all the branches of the company at different locations in the world without any major inconvenience. When we talk about training at different locations around the globe, the need for translation of the E-learning content comes into picture.

The E-learning has truly gone international. And the scope is ever growing in all the different dimensions of learning and training. As the E-learning is expanding its feathers universally, the demand for translation of the course into different languages and localization has taken the centre stage in transferring the E-learning course ware into desired languages. When we consider the globalization of the E-learning course ware we need to keep into consideration certain aspect as to just translate the E-learning course modules into target language will not effectively serve the purpose. And there are some important aspects which are to be kept in mind while translating or transferring the content the course ware. Doesn’t matter if we are talking about the simplest course ware. However, translation of different E-learning courses would be tricky and most importantly expensive if proper planning and strategy is not in place. So a thoughtful planning and strategic understanding of the training to be executed will make the whole process very smooth and hassle free. The different areas or aspects which should be taken into consideration before we plunge into translating the course ware is mentioned below,

Translation friendly content development :

In the first place itself, the content should be simple and complicated text should be avoided as the translation of the complex content will cost more money, in turn make the process more expensive. As the enumeration of short and crisp paragraph will contain less words then the complicated textual explanation of the same, resulting into more cost of translation. Concise and crisp content will be conveniently translated into any other language without burdening the client. So basically creating English neutral content that is easily translated will be less time consuming and cost effective.

Selection of language

The other critical aspect would be the selection of the language, which has to be decided depending upon the strength of the employees using any particular language working for the company, as the E-learning content should be developed or translated in the language used by the majority of the employees or at least used by considerable number of them. So it is important to critically think, visualize and decide about the important languages used by the employees of the company as the company cannot afford to get the E-learning course ware translated for one or two employees as it would be incurring high cost.

Cultural differences

when the E-learning course ware is developed keeping in mind the aspect of translation and localization, we need to understand that it has to be as neutral as possible as the content would be utilized in different social and cultural backgrounds. When we talk about cultural differences, we shouldn’t be only worried about the text but we should be really particular about the images as well as they inculcate different feeling and reactions in different cultural scenarios. The simple example is the thumps up gesture which is used in a completely derogatory way in Middle East. So we have to be consciously neutral in terms of texts and images while developing content for translation and localization.

Changing the Audio Visual strategy

It’s a universal fact that the absence of trainer is compensated with the help of audio visual support, while designing E-learning course-ware. But when we are planning the course for the purpose of translation and localization into different languages, it has to be borne in mind that use of more audio visuals will incur more cost in translation while dubbings and subtitling. So the use of audio visuals should be done in a more sensible and concise way.

The other aspect which has to be mentioned here is the differences in languages. It’s imperative that the E-learning content is designed in a way to accommodate the translation of the content in the different target languages and the horizontal navigation bars and menus are flexible enough to accommodate the text into different languages as the translated text might vary in size so constricted dimensions will make the translation difficult and taxing. it would be important to implement Unicode in the course ware to make sure all the desired alphabet are supported.

We at Swift E-learning services have the expertise to match up with best in industry offerings.