Blended Learning Solutions – A more effective form of learning

Blended Learning The training process is one that involves a number of different processes. A continuous learning process needs to be provided to the learners along with some reinforcement techniques to make sure it works out well. These learning solutions need to be designed using a well planned strategy if you want to get results that last really long. ELearning and ILTs are two very important learning techniques which have their own advantages and limitations as well. The biggest part here is to decide which one is better among the two.

Since a very long time practitioners have been debating on the topic to come out with a feasible solution. Different people have different views and claims for each type of learning process. The training requirements in today’s world have become extremely complex with the increasing complexity of business. As such, sticking to a single type of learning format will no longer work out. For maximum eLearning benefits, both the styles need to be combined in the correct manner to get a blended approach of learning. This is where the concept of blended learning comes up from. Different delivery methods are mixed together to create a learning experience which is more comprehensive. This is called blended learning. It is typically used for a mixture of ILTs and eLearning. In short, it is known as the mixture of the face to face instruction method with computer mediated instruction techniques.

Before deciding to implement blended learning, it is necessary to understand how the method works, and what its advantages are. When you use blended learning, it helps you mix all the different kinds of learning strategies, methods, and even the medium of delivery. This helps you ensure that all your objectives of learning are successfully met. A typical example can be that in which product training needs to be given to your employees. You can use a classroom session for this, or a series of different sessions including some self paced modules and hands on demo. You can try doing it with some simulation modules and then an online assessment. You have a variety of options in front of you. Different types of content can be matched to offer you the most effective learning solution for your specific requirement.

ILTs and eLearning, when integrated together, make a very strong learning process. eLearning is well known for all the benefits it can offer on any kind of level. But, it cannot fit perfectly in every situation. You need to add ILTs in it to complement the process. This makes your training process really effective and comprehensive, and also offers maximum results. You need to remember two points:

  • ELearning and ILTs need not be mutually exclusive.
  • Do not view both the processes in different silos.

ELearning solutions can be used as the backbone of your process, as it is cost effective and reaches out globally. You could just add a bit of ILTs here and there to integrate the system seamlessly with the eLearning process.

For a learning technique that is ideal, you need to mix both the learning processes and create a perfect blend.


Effective E-learning for IT Professionals

IT is the fastest growing sector everywhere throughout the globe. To keep them at par with the latest developments, IT professionals have to keep them updated with new technologies and upgrade their skills. Elearning has come up as the solution to continuing education in a convenient way. There are many effective e learning courses and training available which helps the professionals to continue their learning.

Information Technology professionals constitute a major portion of adult learners and with the increase in the size of industry; there is tremendous increase in the number of potential learners every day entering into the industry. After completing the four year of undergraduate course where concepts and theories are made clear, which forms the base of the learner, there is always the need of a specialized course to enhance the skill to cater the job market.

Apart from new entrants, the professionals who are already into the industry also need to enhance their skill from time to time. The eLearning has proven to be very effective and has various advantages over the traditional way of learning.

Elearning has various different methods to deliver learning. It can be Online or Offline. There is no need for the learner to attend the class at a particular time in physical as elearning provides the flexibility to take the classes as per the convenience and at individual pace. It is often considered that classroom training is more effective than the elearning but according to the sources it’s not truth. Reports say that elearning has found to be 11% more effective than the classroom training and there is a valid reason behind it. During classroom training the trainer is equipped with his/her knowledge and some graphics and pictures to show to the learner. But when we talk about elearning, it is not simply the classroom lectures imported on PowerPoint slides with audio but it encourages active participation by the learner through different methods.

For example: Webinars, simulation, interactivity inside the course and even the use of games to speed up the process of learning.

Sources also say that elearning and classroom training if done for the two different groups of learners then same outcome can be achieved in 70% of time with elearning. So, it shows that not only it is convenient but it requires less time to devote to learn the same concept as it has been taught in the class.

There is one myth associated with the elearning that it is for newer generation and not for older generation. But according to the research it was found out that it is not true. Elearning is equally effective with older generation as well as with the newer generation. So, for any IT professional, whatever is the age, one can take the course at any stage without compromising on time and convenience.

IT professionals earlier found it very difficult to upgrade themselves as it required taking leave from job and attending the class and it was very expensive also. But with the introduction of Elearning, training courses, the scenario has taken a leap and now more and more professionals are looking forward to do different courses to upgrade themselves in terms of skills and current requirement and proving them to be more promising in the job market.

This virtual system of learning has crossed all the limitations and boundaries and made it possible to be available for anyone, at anyplace and anytime. To cater the need of IT professionals, we are proud to say that Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd., is doing a great job. It develops E learning training materials with the use of latest technologies and authoring tools to keep the standard always ahead with the best possible interactive and engaging content.


Is HTML5 cutting edge for E-Learning?

Day by day, as the numbers of mobile devices like iPad or i-Phone or Tablets are increasing, there is a need for a bridge to fill the gap between the different Operating Systems and provide multiple platform compatibility. In the web world, everyday there are new developments in one or the other field and at the top is the e-learning or mobile. Mobile games which have gained a huge recognition and thus are very popular. The education sector has started drifting from classroom learning to mobile learning and there is a great demand for e-learning solutions.

The biggest issue faced by e-learning courseware developers is to keep the content interactive and engaging on the mobile platform for which Flash was being used. The problem of compatibility has given rise to HTML5 for developing mobile stuffs without compromising on the quality of the content.

HTML5 is the revolutionary product in the mobile web world which has given the new dimension to the mobile web world i.e. electronic learning or e-learning. Earlier Flash was being used to develop these courses but when iOS devices became popular then there was the urgent need of a common platform which could serve as the medium to design these courses with the same quality as was delivered by Flash. There are endless possibilities in the web world using HTML5. It was introduced in the web market in the year 1990 and now has reached at the pinnacle of its popularity because of its magical output on iOS devices.

According to the researchers, the use of HTML5 in the mobile web world will reach to 2.1 billion. And even today HTML5 captures more than 78% market of the mobile web world. The graph of the popularity of HTML5 has still not reached its peak and has the long way in its journey to rule the web world.

We at Swift E-learning Services are proud to develop e-learning courses for mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or Tablets or Smart Phones using HTML5 for our clients and provide those results with unmatched quality. We are one of the best companies with the team of experienced Instructional Designers in the e-world and excel at providing e-learning solutions to our clients all over the Globe by making use of the cutting edge technology for e-learning i.e. HTML5.