Six Online Training Dos and Don’ts

Online training has come up as the blessing for those who cannot take regular classes or want to continue their education after a break. Online training is accompanied with many advantages which has made it very popular among learners. In spite of various benefits it is very important for the learners to introspect the need and the type of course they want to do and thus do proper research before taking the course.

Online training can be very exciting for some but it can be frustrating and discouraging for others. Online learning being very flexible and convenient but it keeps the learner away from the benefits of the conventional classroom training. In this article, we will discuss the basic six online training do’s and don’ts which should be considered by any learner before taking the online course.

Dos for the online training

  • Do a thorough research about the educational background and assess your need for the online training and your goal you need to achieve after doing the course. Do find out the skills programs and degrees you need to achieve your goals.
  • Do a proper research about all the courses available and find out about their authenticity, their quality, market reputation, placements and much more before the final enrollment.
  • Do prepare yourself to dedicate about 5 to 14 hours a week on a course depending on the need.
  • Do develop a good habit of checking your mails at least once in a day for online training.
  • Do plan your time in order to take out sufficient time for training and keeping the balance between other work at workplace and home.
  • Do plan for your seating arrangement as it should be comfortable and quite place so that you should not get disturbed and distracted while taking an online course.

Don’ts for the online training

  • Don’t treat yourself as anonymous while taking an online course; in fact be more interactive with your instructor and also your classmates as compared to the traditional classroom environment.
  • Don’t feel shy or hesitate in asking anything from your instructor if you have any problem with the course or the technology used.
  • Don’t take the courses lightly as it requires same kind of dedication and involvement as is required in the traditional way. Only the way to deliver the course has changed but the content is more or less similar.
  • Don’t be just a passive learner. Always find out ways to be more and more interactive as it will give you better results.
  • Don’t put yourself in the habit of procrastinate as it will make you overburdened with lots of learning at a time. So set your goals and adhere to the timeline to finish the course in time.

And last but not the least, don’t get discouraged if the online training doesn’t work for you because there are many other ways to learn and you can opt for them.


Can game based learning boost up your productivity?

Game based learning is one of the latest training & learning technique adopting by many Corporate and Educational organizations. It is a progressive trend in technology aiding learning. The context of game based learning is to provide the audience interactive, stress free and entertaining learning.

It can be distinguish into two parts :-

a)    Simple Game Based Learning

b)    Interactive Game Based Learning

Well, it is clear that games always try to interact with audience by physically or psychologically. When it comes to the Learning through Games in Corporate, most of the designers plan to engage with psychologically.

-Things to consider while designing the Game based learning course:

  • Visual elements
  • Psychological state of learner
  • Learning style
  • Encouraging behavior in Game
  • Ideal solutions
  • Audio elements
  • Strategies of game play.

How does Game based learning motivate the employees?

Because of its unique character, game based learning can improve productivity if it is highly interactive and engaged with the learners. Games help learners to express themselves and gain the knowledge with built-in process. With the help of game based learning, employee can be motivated in the following areas.

  • Exploring individual Skills

       The game based courses which are designed by keeping an idea of exploring individual skills like decision making, strategy developing and goals setting etc., can be developed with this kind of learning pattern. Sometimes training managers or learning managers cannot get a chance to explore individual skills, in that cases game driven learning does the needful.

  • Attention towards Goal

Learners pay the attention towards the games when they are highly involved engaged and interacted. This amazing quality of games can turn the employee attention towards the organizational goals. This process can be done effectively with simulated game based learning.

  • Team Building

Team building is one of the important factors among the employees irrespective of the industry or segment. Usually it is a kind of difficult job for the top heads in the organization to keep an eye on the team building process. To make this process easier, games which can build the team spirit among the employees should be implement by the training and learning mangers.

  • Develops Brainstorming

As we all know- brainstorming is one of the key techniques for success. The simulated game courses which are like quiz type can be a useful tool for the organization to develop Brainstorming.

Game based learning can boost up the organization’s productivity if the game based courses are highly simulated and interacted with the audience. We at Swift e-learning Services Pvt. Ltd. can develop the courses, which are highly engaged to the learners. If you have any requirement please write us at


Effective E-learning for IT Professionals

IT is the fastest growing sector everywhere throughout the globe. To keep them at par with the latest developments, IT professionals have to keep them updated with new technologies and upgrade their skills. Elearning has come up as the solution to continuing education in a convenient way. There are many effective e learning courses and training available which helps the professionals to continue their learning.

Information Technology professionals constitute a major portion of adult learners and with the increase in the size of industry; there is tremendous increase in the number of potential learners every day entering into the industry. After completing the four year of undergraduate course where concepts and theories are made clear, which forms the base of the learner, there is always the need of a specialized course to enhance the skill to cater the job market.

Apart from new entrants, the professionals who are already into the industry also need to enhance their skill from time to time. The eLearning has proven to be very effective and has various advantages over the traditional way of learning.

Elearning has various different methods to deliver learning. It can be Online or Offline. There is no need for the learner to attend the class at a particular time in physical as elearning provides the flexibility to take the classes as per the convenience and at individual pace. It is often considered that classroom training is more effective than the elearning but according to the sources it’s not truth. Reports say that elearning has found to be 11% more effective than the classroom training and there is a valid reason behind it. During classroom training the trainer is equipped with his/her knowledge and some graphics and pictures to show to the learner. But when we talk about elearning, it is not simply the classroom lectures imported on PowerPoint slides with audio but it encourages active participation by the learner through different methods.

For example: Webinars, simulation, interactivity inside the course and even the use of games to speed up the process of learning.

Sources also say that elearning and classroom training if done for the two different groups of learners then same outcome can be achieved in 70% of time with elearning. So, it shows that not only it is convenient but it requires less time to devote to learn the same concept as it has been taught in the class.

There is one myth associated with the elearning that it is for newer generation and not for older generation. But according to the research it was found out that it is not true. Elearning is equally effective with older generation as well as with the newer generation. So, for any IT professional, whatever is the age, one can take the course at any stage without compromising on time and convenience.

IT professionals earlier found it very difficult to upgrade themselves as it required taking leave from job and attending the class and it was very expensive also. But with the introduction of Elearning, training courses, the scenario has taken a leap and now more and more professionals are looking forward to do different courses to upgrade themselves in terms of skills and current requirement and proving them to be more promising in the job market.

This virtual system of learning has crossed all the limitations and boundaries and made it possible to be available for anyone, at anyplace and anytime. To cater the need of IT professionals, we are proud to say that Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd., is doing a great job. It develops E learning training materials with the use of latest technologies and authoring tools to keep the standard always ahead with the best possible interactive and engaging content.