Six Online Training Dos and Don’ts

Online training has come up as the blessing for those who cannot take regular classes or want to continue their education after a break. Online training is accompanied with many advantages which has made it very popular among learners. In spite of various benefits it is very important for the learners to introspect the need and the type of course they want to do and thus do proper research before taking the course.

Online training can be very exciting for some but it can be frustrating and discouraging for others. Online learning being very flexible and convenient but it keeps the learner away from the benefits of the conventional classroom training. In this article, we will discuss the basic six online training do’s and don’ts which should be considered by any learner before taking the online course.

Dos for the online training

  • Do a thorough research about the educational background and assess your need for the online training and your goal you need to achieve after doing the course. Do find out the skills programs and degrees you need to achieve your goals.
  • Do a proper research about all the courses available and find out about their authenticity, their quality, market reputation, placements and much more before the final enrollment.
  • Do prepare yourself to dedicate about 5 to 14 hours a week on a course depending on the need.
  • Do develop a good habit of checking your mails at least once in a day for online training.
  • Do plan your time in order to take out sufficient time for training and keeping the balance between other work at workplace and home.
  • Do plan for your seating arrangement as it should be comfortable and quite place so that you should not get disturbed and distracted while taking an online course.

Don’ts for the online training

  • Don’t treat yourself as anonymous while taking an online course; in fact be more interactive with your instructor and also your classmates as compared to the traditional classroom environment.
  • Don’t feel shy or hesitate in asking anything from your instructor if you have any problem with the course or the technology used.
  • Don’t take the courses lightly as it requires same kind of dedication and involvement as is required in the traditional way. Only the way to deliver the course has changed but the content is more or less similar.
  • Don’t be just a passive learner. Always find out ways to be more and more interactive as it will give you better results.
  • Don’t put yourself in the habit of procrastinate as it will make you overburdened with lots of learning at a time. So set your goals and adhere to the timeline to finish the course in time.

And last but not the least, don’t get discouraged if the online training doesn’t work for you because there are many other ways to learn and you can opt for them.


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