Is online education taking over the conventional mode of education?

Online EducationOnline education has shown tremendous popularity among all the different age groups. The last decade had been instrumental in popularizing the concept of online learning and education. The reason being the demand for convenient learning at individual pace and availability had been pivotal in making it so relevant in today’s time. The time has changed tremendously and people have become more aware to keep themselves abreast with advancement and development of technology, courses and training as a continuous process.

The changing time has thrown challenges for learning and continuous advancement in career. The conventional organization doesn’t offer much of flexibility in terms of individual pace and accessibility when people are working at different levels of their careers. It becomes difficult to peruse courses in conventional organization as they have certain limitation in regards to attendance and access to the material and faculty members. Under these circumstances online learning comes into picture and offers respite from the limitation of conventional education system and makes it convenient for the learner to follow the dream of enhancement at all the levels and profiles.

The greatest advantage of the online learning is to have the class anywhere in the world and enrollment in the courses across the globe without being physically present, so it makes it more versatile and compatible for students to learn and grow professionally and academically. The web based courses are planned and executed in a way to have self paced convenient and comprehensive learning. With the introduction of online assignments and evaluation the online learning has become more authentic. At the same time courses and assignments are designed in a way to give flexibility to learners on all the possible levels without compromising on the content. The process of online learning makes it extremely convenient for the instructors and evaluators to use the material extensively without being worried about reproducing it. And then bringing about changes through the process of editing and enhancement on a regular basis keeps the material updated.

The other remarkable development is the minimization of papers in the learning process and then sharing of learning material among learners becomes convenient and easy through web. And then to get the questions answered on a more diverse and detailed ways through different people around the world. The online learning has made the interaction across the globe very easy as it gives an opportunity to benefit and enhance the content with the development happening in any particular field, at any particular time. So now we don’t need to wait for the books to be published on different topics but to enroll ourselves on any desired course throughout the globe.

The cost effectiveness is also considered to be one of the major selling points for online education as it allows learners to access the material without traveling to different parts of the world. In turn saving time and money and making life more productive.
The coming years will completely dimorph learning process. And online classroom or virtual classroom teaching is going to give the conventional methods and organization a run for their money. Gradually the online education would play a major, diverse, decisive and comprehensive role in the field of education. It makes education accessible, affordable, flexible and time saving.


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