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Elearning has risen up as one of the very effective learning platform. It is not totally a new thing to the world of learning but there is definitely a tremendous change. When Elearning was started, it was only in the “page turning” format where learning was passive. There was no participation of the learner in terms of interactivity. Learner was just expected to watch the still characters or images on the screen in the form of slides. But now scenario has totally changed.

Introduction of Interactive Simulation Courses has revolutionized the process. Learning is no more a long boring session but it has become more enjoyable and interactive with the use of latest Authoring tools. Interactive simulation allows the learner to participate in the process of learning than just being a passive learner.

Let us first understand the process of human understanding of learning through different processes. According to the theory of Bloom’s Taxonomy there are basically three stages of learning:

  • Knowledge level
  • Comprehension level
  • Application level

At the knowledge level, the learner is just looking for certain information or a concept and to know about it. He/she can know about it either reading it or hearing it or by looking at it or with the combination of all three.

At the Comprehension level, the learner has the clear concept and he/she does not just know about the concept but has the understanding of similarities or to differentiate among the different concepts. For example learner not only knows about the concept of fruits and vegetables but also understands the difference between them and can identify Apple and Oranges among Cabbage and Onion.

At the third level, that is the application level, the learner not only has the clear understanding of the concept but is also aware about the application of concepts in the real life. So, here he/she experiences the real life application of concept. That is fruit and vegetables will not only be identified but will also be eaten up in different ways.

According to the above discussed theory, it is clear that if the learner is engaged at all the three levels during the learning process, the knowledge retention will be longer. The concept of interactive learning came into process with the need to make the clearer understanding and with better retention. The simulation process involves the learner in the learning process in such a way that the learning is not done but it is experienced and realized in the real world.

To increase the standard of the Interactive simulation courses, there are many Authoring tools available in the market and many more are being developed every day. Articulate Storyline, Captivate or Camtasia are few of them. These are very popular among the developers and are also reliable to give best possible results. These authoring tools provide the highest grade of simulation interactivity with the use of images, graphics, audio effects and the customized characters.

Need of simulations in the E Learning: After all the discussion the question may arise that does simulation is really required? So here are some reasons which may answer the question.

  • Simulations provide experience to the learner rather than just being the passive audience.
  • It engages the learner at the emotional level and now it is well known and acceptable fact that emotional engagement helps in better retention.
  • Simulations help the learner to actually participate and experience the consequences as part of learning.
  • Simulation converts the passive content to engaging and interactive learning source.
  • Simulation also helps in gamification of the content so that the learner can participate in the form of game and learn.
  • Simulation also helps to prepare learners for the critical condition and create a situation where they have to take decisions.

So, we have seen so many advantages of interactive simulation courses. Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd., provides plenty of courses with the best of the available and possible engaging and interactive features. We have the team of Instructional Designers with the expertise of developing interactive simulation courses using Authoring tools like Captivate, Articulate storyline, Camtasia, Lectora etc.


2 comments on “Interactive Simulation Courses | Authoring Tools

  1. The New Era for learning, The Most interactive ,Sophisticated and classy way to learn is Simulation.
    Indeed a very nice article that Bloom’s Taxonomy described the human understanding in three levels.
    We are force to work towards the simulation to prepare learners for the critical condition and create a situation where they have to take decisions.

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