Achievements of Swift Elearning Services: A journey of success

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Swift Elearning Services Private Limited; An eLearning company based in Hyderabad, India. We provide eLearning solutions, for both educational institutions and corporate enterprises. Swift E-learning established in 2010 with only two people Syed Amjad Ali and Sudheer Panchumarthi. Apart from that swift has gain rapid development in the past four years and now a team of 45 members are working for the company. In Similar lines swift has tremendous increase in client base globally in Australia, US, UK, Saudi Arabia and India. Our elevated quality and reasonable price kept our customer to give us repeat business and retain a long term business relationship.

Swift has delivered many custom eLearning courses to various industries like Software, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Health care and education etc. We deliver a course with rich graphics, extremely designed and interactive templates to help the learners for easy access of content. We have an experience team of professional Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, eLearning developers, Programmers and Quality Assurance leads working together to congregate the global client’s need with quality.

Swift has specialized in providing Custom eLearning solutions, Mobile learning solutions, and Translation and localization services. We use various eLearning authoring tools like Adobe Flash, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, Lectora and HTML5 to develop eLearning courses according to the clients’ requirements. In additive to the eLearning we are also developing the mobile learning courses compatible to iOS (iPads, iPhones), Android and windows devices. Other than English we also construct the courses in various international languages Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian & Regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Oriya and Kannada. We had recently started working on software projects using .Net technologies.

Swift has a mission to proactively deliver the error free, high quality and cost effective eLearning solutions to the clients and aims to become the pioneer in the eLearning Industry.

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SKILLSdox Signs 10 Year Exclusive Deal with Indian Development Firm: Swift Elearning Services

SKILLSdox Inc., an Ottawa, Canada based company and SWIFT Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad, India have entered into a 10 year exclusive agreement to build out 100s of eLearning development templates for the most popular authoring tools used by all major organizations around the globe.

SWIFT, an eLearning professional service group was approached by SKILLSdox in the early part of 2013 to discuss opportunities around an outsourcing model. As the development work commenced, SKILLSdox saw in SWIFT the same level of quality, attention to detail and their quick response time. While there are many challenges within the development efforts to produce effective online learning programs, quality and quick response times are usually 2 that contradict each other. “When SKILLSdox approached us about creating over 150 dynamic templates directly in their authoring tool so that they could become more efficient with production timelines without comprising quality, we were excited to be part of this project that could change global development processes.” said Syed Amjad Ali, Director of SWIFT.

As within most project work, there are 3 constraints that are typically present. Time, Cost and Quality. The eLearning industry is no different. When there is pressure to reduce costs for development as an example, either quality or time to completion will suffer. The eLearning industry is relatively still quite young and with most companies still struggling through the development process, SKILLSdox has decided to do something about it. “When building an online course, it can take anywhere from to 4-8 weeks in order to create something that is dynamic, engaging and interactive. Our thought was why not pre design, develop and integrate learning assets directly into the main authoring tools we use. With these pre- developed e-templates, we are then able to reduce costs and development time down to about 1 week without compromising quality. As our library of e-templates increase, so do our efficiencies.” said Brad Loiselle, President of SKILLSdox.

Looking at the industry as a whole, other authoring tools such as Lectora, Captivate, Flash and Articulate all seem to face the same development challenges. Instead of SKILLSdox stopping at only the authoring tool they use, they have decided to expand their development efforts across the board. By combining resources, SKILLSdox and SWIFT are working to provide the industry with one of the largest portfolios of premium eLearning template repositories. SKILLSdox has launched its first version of its offering at and will incorporate all the new templates as they become available.

More about SKILLSdox

SKILLSdox, head office located in Ottawa Canada, with an office in Mumbai India, has established an education network and platform that connects quality content partners with in-country channel partners all while supporting the needs of both partners in terms of development services, online infrastructure and marketing support. SKILLSdox also does not charge any upfront costs back the partners for it’s service, but rather focuses on revenue sharing opportunities when the programs are launched solving another problem of affordability. Visit SKILLSdox at:

More about SWIFT

Swift eLearning Services Pvt. Ltd., is a custom eLearning service providers with a blend of technical and subject matter expertise that caters to the specific needs of the training. Their services include: Custom Courseware Development, Rapid e-learning tools, Translations and localizations. Visit SWIFT at:


Adult learning – A challenging task for Trainers

Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge or skills. Students have a variety of learning styles, and learn effectively when these styles are prominently used during the training. It is therefore essential for the facilitator to use the right mix of styles to reach out to a variety of audiences.

Adults in contrast to children have different learning patterns as they gather a variety of experiences. Training will be fruitful only when it relates to those experiences. The instructor or trainer must not only focus on the gaps of the learner but also on their strengths.

Tips for the trainers to engage adult learners:

  • Acknowledge learner’s experience
  • Make the content relevant
  • Know the target audience
  • Ensure training effectiveness from the learner’s perspective


End Result:

The purpose of motivating the adults is to:

  • Direct them in their learning
  • Improve their capacity to analyze issues and apply the gained knowledge
  • Convert the training session into a true learning experience.

To conclude with, engaging adult learners is a laborious task but can be easily overcome if the trainer makes use of some common logics and understands the adult learning styles.