Articulate Storyline Tutorials: Part 2 (Enable next button after visiting all interaction)

In Articulate Storyline using States, ENABLE Next button after visiting all interaction buttons

1) Take New Slide and rename corresponding layer in Slide Layers section. For example we will rename it as “Interactivity”.

2) Adding elements to start interactivity in the slide;

a) Click on Insert tab in the ribbon.

b) Select Button from Interactive Objects section.(for demonstration purpose we will take 4 buttons)

c) Select Shape from Illustration section and select a triangle to create content display area.

Button Interactive

3) Add layers for each button in Slide layers section

a) Click on New layer iconto add a layer for each button (bottom-left button).

b) Double-click on each layer and rename them as Button 1, Button 2, Button 3 and Button 4.

(This can be done by selecting a layer, clicking Right Mouse button and selecting Rename option.)

Add Layer in Articulate

4) Creating triggers for each button.

a) Select a button and click on Create new trigger (bottom-left button) from Triggers section.

b) Change to Showlayer in Action Field.

c) Select the desired layer in Layer Field.

d) Add User clicks in When Field.

Repeat the same Process for the remaining 3 buttons.

Button Trigger

5) Make sure every button should have Visited State, As how many buttons have been taken in the presentation.

Visited State

6) Double click on the next slide button trigger under Player–trigger in Triggers section and Click on the Show conditions hyperlink in the Trigger Wizard to perform necessary actions.

Trigger Wizard

7) Enabling Next button after clicking all four buttons listed above.

a) Click on Add a new “AND” or “OR” condition.

b) Click on Shapes in Add Trigger condition.

c) Select Button 1 in If: field

d) Operator should be ==Equal to.

e) Select Visited in State field.


8) Repeat the Above step for the remaining 3 buttons to get the desired result.

Please download the source file from below link:


Articulate Storyline Tutorials: Part 1 (Adding Page Numbers)

Adding Page number in a Articulate Storyline will have various routes that users can take?

1) Manually entering page number in each slide:
a) This approach is not feasible one.
b) If we require to add or delete one slide from middle, then we need to change slide numbers of all the slides manually.
c) Even if client request to change the position of page number, it requires manual efforts on all the slides.

2) Adding page number using variables: (This approach is considered as feasible)
a) Click on View tab on the menu.
b) Select Slide Master in the ribbon.

Slide Master

c) Click on the Manage Project Variable icon.
d) Click on Create a New Variable icon.
e) Type <crpage> in the name field.
f) Change Type filed to Number instead of Text. And the value of the number should be 0.

Articulate Storyline Variable

g) Repeat the steps d, e and f but this time variable name can be <totalpages> and the value should equal to how many pages you are going to insert in the presentation. For example: I am using 5 pages presentation to demonstrate.

Total Pages Stroyline

h) Click on OK button in the Variables window.
i) Insert a text field in the layout and the add Variable name by keeping % symbols (%Variablename%) in the start and end. (Where you want to add page number).


j) Now add ‘of’ text to it.

%crpage% of

k) Now add <totalpages> variable with % symbol around to it.

%crpage% of %totalpages%

Total Page Numbers

l) Exit from Slide Master by clicking on Close Master View button in the ribbon.


m) Now click on Create a New Trigger icon in Trigger Panel.
n) Trigger Wizard pop-up window will appear.
o) Select Adjust variable from the Action dropdown.
p) Select <crpage> from the Variable.
q) Make sure the Operator field should have =Assignment
r) Value should be Value and add current page number.
s) Finally make sure When field should have Timeline starts.

Storyline Timelines

t) Repeat the steps from “n” to “t” in every slide to get the continues page numbers.

Thanks for your time, hope this blog helpful to you and let us know your views & comments.


Articulate Storyline, an incredible tool for e-Learning courses

Articulate Storyline

One of the greatest authoring tools in the field of E-learning appears to be in the form of Articulate storyline. Articulate storyline is the extension of Articulate ’09 suite with advanced and robust features and technological advancement. Articulate has been an integral part of the E-learning industry for a long time for its Articulate ’09 suite edition. The E-learning authoring tools include Articulate presenter, Articulate Quiz maker, Articulate engage and Articulate suite as well. Then a Stage came when it was realized to have robust and technologically more comprehensive tools.

E-learning authoring tools have seen the advent of a revolution with the merge of Articulate with storyline. The E-learning content development through Articulate storyline has made the e-learning authoring tools more innovative and interactive; the course developed through Articulate storyline is relatively comprehensive and strongly visual, Which makes it a rapid authoring tool for E-learning content development.

Many of the articulate tools were considered to be user friendly, But apart from being user friendly articulate was lagging behind in terms of vigorous advanced features to make the E-learning course development more comprehensive, ground-breaking and interactive. In turn the need for a robust and powerful tool has facilitated the contraption of storyline, insertion of story line with articulate has brought about fabulous growth, adequacy among all the genre of learners and E-learning developers. The articulate storyline is extremely compatible with mobile devices and that makes it more versatile, handy and effective. The E-learning content development is easy and convenient and caters to the needs of varied level of learners and platform as well. Publishing the E-learning content on multiple devices and formats make it interactive on all the devices as iPads, desktops, laptops and more.

Articulate storyline publishes to Flash, which in turn is compatible on almost all the personal devices and to the Articulate mobile Player, A native iOS application that maximizes the utility of the authoring tool on iPads. The Articulate storyline is used for the development of the content on HTML5, which offers an extensively popular option for E-learning development, with the richness of multimedia and immense scope of interactive learning.

The Articulate storyline offers wide ranging options in terms of innovative and interactive content development. The following are some of the remarkable features related to Articulate storyline;
  1. The interface and customer delight- At a time when applications are invented and introduced on daily basis, it’s important that the users have an exceptional experience in the first go. So it has to be robust, interactive and dependable precisely. Articulate storyline offers excellent user experience.
  2. Simplicity of the Articulate storyline- The authoring tools are hassle free and simple as to give ample support to the content development experts who are not familiar with power point. Instructions and directions are clear that even a naïve can work efficiently on content development.
  3. One stop availability of images and resources- Its extremely critical to have suitable images to create life like scenario and robust visuals. Articulate storyline offers in built options for images depending upon the requirement and suitability. Apart from free images and visual effects, it offers specialized images to buy as well.
  4. Screen recording- It’s an exemplary feature, Articulate storyline takes up an incredible approach altogether. When we record the screen, we end up in a high revolution video, which can be shown or shared with the learners with the help zoom and pan features.
  5. Compatibility of Articulate storyline with HTML5, Flash and mobile learning. The content developed through articulate storyline is compatible with HTML5, which helps the learners to utilize the course on their iPads with ease and comfort.

Swift Elearning services provide E-learning course development through Articulate storyline, Specializing on requirement and background of the learners. We are equipped with latest technology and E-learning course-ware development experts to cater to the needs of our clients universally.


One stop solution for elearning – Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is just an amazing and revolutionary tool for e-learning. It is actually the one stop solution which provides the variety of options. It is very simple when it comes to be used by new developers as well as full of surprises for the experts as more and more time you spend with it you will be introduced with some or the other very useful and surprising features.


It is a power packed solution to all the requirements for the e-learning developers as it comes with not only the text but it is a combination of audio, video, special sound effects, special affects, animation and many more.


Articulate Storyline is just awesome whether it is used by a developer or a learner. You do not need to be trained before starting it as it is very user friendly and if you are familiar with power point then it is just like using power point with a tint of entertainment with more ease and better output.


There are many interesting features which gives the developer enough freedom to use it in a very customized and interesting way. One can use ready to use templates for his presentation as well as design his own template from scratch according to need of the presentation.


With Articulate Storyline there is no need to search for characters and clip arts to make the presentation more interesting. It provides you with the option to add 47500 combinations of photographic characters with different poses and expression which help you to connect more with your learners.


It is so interactive to use that it seems you are not using it, in fact you are experiencing it. It provides you with a whole new dimension of interactive designing which keeps the learner so involved as if you are sitting just in front of him. It has made the complex tasks of making interactive slides so easy that it can be done with simple steps of few clicks.


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We provide the courses by the best of the Instructional Designers in different fields to cater the needs of the learners in all the segments with the apt use of elearning tools and provide the unbeatable experience of online training. With the use of the exclusive features of Articulate Storyline, we has developed numerous courses for the various industries and has amazed and spellbound with the kind of output it has provided.