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Amjad is an energetic entrepreneur working with an idea of providing cost effective Rapid elearning solutions. He has 10 years of experience in elearning technologies also expertise in Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, Flash and HTML5 coding. To know more about him Google+

Project Success with Project Management

Success of any project totally depends upon the strategically designed project management policies. Project management plays a key role in the smooth ride of any project. The customer satisfaction is the very important criteria on which all the policies of the company are built. Effective project management helps in keeping the growth rate high in terms of more business and more satisfied customers.

The financial and economic scenario keeps changing in the dynamic world of business. If there is rise then it is also accompanied with tough times. Potent project management helps the company to cultivate new opportunities during the growth period but it also plays a crucial role while the company is facing a slow down.

Project management is not the single person job but it’s a team work. Project management requires a team with a project manager who is responsible for the success or failure of any project. There can be some external factors which can adversely affect any project. But if there is a team of skilled and trained professionals who have evolved themselves through all kinds of ups and downs and have learnt from their prior experiences and have vision to foresee the probable problems then it is hardly possible that the project may turned into a failure. Project management is not a new thing but it has been into practice since long by most of the businesses, but there are always differences in the approach by different people.

We are in the 21st century where we are competing globally with each other. There is a huge need of very effective application of project management. Project management is not a single task but it involves a series of tasks right from beginning till the project becomes successful. Before going into the role of a Project management for any business it is very important to clearly understand what the project is.

Project can be anything which has certain goals to achieve while going through a chain of processes. It can start and finish in a single day or it can take years also to achieve its objectives. There is a life cycle and clearly defined objectives of any project whether it is a small project or a big project. Let’s discuss the role played by the Project Managers for its successful completion.

Discussing the Project:

When any project is offered or selected, it is very important to know in detail about the project. There should be multiple rounds of discussion keeping all the aspects in mind like the need of the project, market orientation, and benefits to the company, budget and time, customer requirements, recruitment of skilled staff and other related issues.

Planning the Project:

The next step after discussing the project is to plan the project. This stage of the life cycle of any project needs the most effort by the project manager. The whole planning about the project has to be done by the project manager. It involves the overall step by step to-do-list from the beginning till the end of the project. Project Manager has to analyze the project and then decide over the cost and time management to complete the project in time and within the budget.

Execution of the Project:

After the successful planning of the project, the next important step is to execute the project. Keeping the budget in mind, the recruitment is done and then the tasks are delegated to start working over the project. The team members are assigned with the different tasks according to their skill sets. There is always a time limit of any task to complete so that the entire project runs smoothly within the desired time. Weekly meetings are conducted by project manager to check the progress and the further assignments. The Project manager also has to be ready to handle changes as change management is also the important part of this stage.

Completion of project:

Finally, with all the factors like time, budget and quality, it’s the time for the final delivery of the project. There is always a document for the list of desired features provided by the client.  But at the time of project delivery, the changes asked by the clients should also be done in the project. If the final project represents the original scope statement along with the change documents then the project is considered to be a success otherwise it is not accepted.

So, it is very clear now, that how much project management is important for the successful outcome. Swift ELearning Services Pvt. Ltd., provides with the free course on project management for the new entrants or the existing professionals to improve their skills as a project manager.



Can game based learning boost up your productivity?

Game based learning is one of the latest training & learning technique adopting by many Corporate and Educational organizations. It is a progressive trend in technology aiding learning. The context of game based learning is to provide the audience interactive, stress free and entertaining learning.

It can be distinguish into two parts :-

a)    Simple Game Based Learning

b)    Interactive Game Based Learning

Well, it is clear that games always try to interact with audience by physically or psychologically. When it comes to the Learning through Games in Corporate, most of the designers plan to engage with psychologically.

-Things to consider while designing the Game based learning course:

  • Visual elements
  • Psychological state of learner
  • Learning style
  • Encouraging behavior in Game
  • Ideal solutions
  • Audio elements
  • Strategies of game play.

How does Game based learning motivate the employees?

Because of its unique character, game based learning can improve productivity if it is highly interactive and engaged with the learners. Games help learners to express themselves and gain the knowledge with built-in process. With the help of game based learning, employee can be motivated in the following areas.

  • Exploring individual Skills

       The game based courses which are designed by keeping an idea of exploring individual skills like decision making, strategy developing and goals setting etc., can be developed with this kind of learning pattern. Sometimes training managers or learning managers cannot get a chance to explore individual skills, in that cases game driven learning does the needful.

  • Attention towards Goal

Learners pay the attention towards the games when they are highly involved engaged and interacted. This amazing quality of games can turn the employee attention towards the organizational goals. This process can be done effectively with simulated game based learning.

  • Team Building

Team building is one of the important factors among the employees irrespective of the industry or segment. Usually it is a kind of difficult job for the top heads in the organization to keep an eye on the team building process. To make this process easier, games which can build the team spirit among the employees should be implement by the training and learning mangers.

  • Develops Brainstorming

As we all know- brainstorming is one of the key techniques for success. The simulated game courses which are like quiz type can be a useful tool for the organization to develop Brainstorming.

Game based learning can boost up the organization’s productivity if the game based courses are highly simulated and interacted with the audience. We at Swift e-learning Services Pvt. Ltd. can develop the courses, which are highly engaged to the learners. If you have any requirement please write us at


Interactive Simulation Courses | Authoring Tools

Elearning has risen up as one of the very effective learning platform. It is not totally a new thing to the world of learning but there is definitely a tremendous change. When Elearning was started, it was only in the “page turning” format where learning was passive. There was no participation of the learner in terms of interactivity. Learner was just expected to watch the still characters or images on the screen in the form of slides. But now scenario has totally changed.

Introduction of Interactive Simulation Courses has revolutionized the process. Learning is no more a long boring session but it has become more enjoyable and interactive with the use of latest Authoring tools. Interactive simulation allows the learner to participate in the process of learning than just being a passive learner.

Let us first understand the process of human understanding of learning through different processes. According to the theory of Bloom’s Taxonomy there are basically three stages of learning:

  • Knowledge level
  • Comprehension level
  • Application level

At the knowledge level, the learner is just looking for certain information or a concept and to know about it. He/she can know about it either reading it or hearing it or by looking at it or with the combination of all three.

At the Comprehension level, the learner has the clear concept and he/she does not just know about the concept but has the understanding of similarities or to differentiate among the different concepts. For example learner not only knows about the concept of fruits and vegetables but also understands the difference between them and can identify Apple and Oranges among Cabbage and Onion.

At the third level, that is the application level, the learner not only has the clear understanding of the concept but is also aware about the application of concepts in the real life. So, here he/she experiences the real life application of concept. That is fruit and vegetables will not only be identified but will also be eaten up in different ways.

According to the above discussed theory, it is clear that if the learner is engaged at all the three levels during the learning process, the knowledge retention will be longer. The concept of interactive learning came into process with the need to make the clearer understanding and with better retention. The simulation process involves the learner in the learning process in such a way that the learning is not done but it is experienced and realized in the real world.

To increase the standard of the Interactive simulation courses, there are many Authoring tools available in the market and many more are being developed every day. Articulate Storyline, Captivate or Camtasia are few of them. These are very popular among the developers and are also reliable to give best possible results. These authoring tools provide the highest grade of simulation interactivity with the use of images, graphics, audio effects and the customized characters.

Need of simulations in the E Learning: After all the discussion the question may arise that does simulation is really required? So here are some reasons which may answer the question.

  • Simulations provide experience to the learner rather than just being the passive audience.
  • It engages the learner at the emotional level and now it is well known and acceptable fact that emotional engagement helps in better retention.
  • Simulations help the learner to actually participate and experience the consequences as part of learning.
  • Simulation converts the passive content to engaging and interactive learning source.
  • Simulation also helps in gamification of the content so that the learner can participate in the form of game and learn.
  • Simulation also helps to prepare learners for the critical condition and create a situation where they have to take decisions.

So, we have seen so many advantages of interactive simulation courses. Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd., provides plenty of courses with the best of the available and possible engaging and interactive features. We have the team of Instructional Designers with the expertise of developing interactive simulation courses using Authoring tools like Captivate, Articulate storyline, Camtasia, Lectora etc.


Online learning courses for Tablets and Smartphones

E-learning is the latest revolution in the education industry. The world of e-learning is exploding day by day and it has reached to all the segments of the society whether it is teacher or a student or any professional working in a company. The education trend has taken a drastic turn and it has shifted from teacher centric learning to child centric learning. E-learning mainly focuses on the needs of the end user and the courses are designed according to them. Earlier we had no options other than using PCs for e-learning purpose but it had certain limitations like it wasn’t very handy and portable. It wasn’t possible to carry them to all the places because of their size and weight and other tit bits.

In the recent years, the trend has totally changed. With the introduction of the devices like tablets, i-pad, i-phone and smart phones, the choices of the customers has totally changed. Now more and more people ask for mobile devices which are not only multitasking but very portable and easy to use. Many companies are providing their employees with iOS devices which help in better efficiency as they can be used with more flexibility and in numerous ways like for giving presentation or for video conferencing, etc. So, if your flight has been delayed and you are getting late for the presentation, then you can make use of these devices.

Everywhere, all around the globe the process of imparting education is taking a new turn. Whether it is the US or the UK or Australia or India or any other country, the main focus is on giving the best possible learning experience to the children through e-learning. Children can make use of these devices for in-classroom and out-of-classroom learning experience. E-learning has changed the entire concept of education and learning. As the time is passing by, these devices are becoming more and more popular among everyone and this is going to be the future of education. With the increase in the online courses and their acceptance among the learners, the next very important thing is to provide the best possible course with the engaging and interactive features and for that we have Swift E-Learning Services Pvt. Ltd.

SES provides its clients the wonderful experience of e-learning by making the content compatible with iOS devices by using the best authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Captivate 6 and HTML5. These tools easily convert the content into iOS compatible without compromising on the quality of sound, video, animation etc. We cater the needs of all our clients by developing courseware which reaches to all the segments of learners through tablet, iPad, iPhone and smart phones.


Mobile Learning for Training

As the days are passing, mobile has synced into our lifestyle and is digging deeper. Number of mobile devices users is increasing every day. Reports say that by 2012, more than 80% US population will be on mobile. Mobile devices have reached to every sector right from professionals, to educators, to students, to kids and many more. Mobile apps are catering individual of all the age groups. Because of the increasing popularity of these mobile devices, training courses are also offered through mobile devices. Professionals now prefer mobile courses for training over the traditional training. This is the era of mobile workforce.

What is Mobile Learning?

With the introduction of mobile devices like iOS devices i.e. iphone, ipad, smart phones, tablets etc., information is at the fingertips. Mobile learning is basically the process of learning through mobile applications where courses are given online through Internet and are designed to be given on mobile platform without any actual instructor. These courses are designed keeping in mind the learners need by the Instructional Designer.

Mobile training- very popular among entrepreneur and professionals

There are various reasons which encourage professionals to go mobile.

  • First advantage is that you don’t have to go anywhere for training. It can be done at workplace, at home and even during travelling. This not only saves time but it controls the training cost and is very comfortable also.
  • Second advantage is that one doesn’t have to swallow in the whole training at one time as happens in the traditional training but he/she has the advantage of learning at his/her own pace and convenience. It gives the option of selective learning.
  • The next very important advantage is that the individual is always connected and can be updated at anytime during the learning process through mobile learning. Mobile learning courses can be updated or upgraded at any instance without going to actual location of the learner.

These benefits make the online learning the first choice among learners. There are many companies who cater the needs of the demand of this mobile world. One of them is Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the pioneer companies in its field with long list of very satisfied clients all over the world. It has the team of very dedicated developers and instructional designers who always find new and innovative ways to provide something new to its learner by using the latest authoring tools like Articulate storyline, HTML5, etc.


Is HTML5 cutting edge for E-Learning?

Day by day, as the numbers of mobile devices like iPad or i-Phone or Tablets are increasing, there is a need for a bridge to fill the gap between the different Operating Systems and provide multiple platform compatibility. In the web world, everyday there are new developments in one or the other field and at the top is the e-learning or mobile. Mobile games which have gained a huge recognition and thus are very popular. The education sector has started drifting from classroom learning to mobile learning and there is a great demand for e-learning solutions.

The biggest issue faced by e-learning courseware developers is to keep the content interactive and engaging on the mobile platform for which Flash was being used. The problem of compatibility has given rise to HTML5 for developing mobile stuffs without compromising on the quality of the content.

HTML5 is the revolutionary product in the mobile web world which has given the new dimension to the mobile web world i.e. electronic learning or e-learning. Earlier Flash was being used to develop these courses but when iOS devices became popular then there was the urgent need of a common platform which could serve as the medium to design these courses with the same quality as was delivered by Flash. There are endless possibilities in the web world using HTML5. It was introduced in the web market in the year 1990 and now has reached at the pinnacle of its popularity because of its magical output on iOS devices.

According to the researchers, the use of HTML5 in the mobile web world will reach to 2.1 billion. And even today HTML5 captures more than 78% market of the mobile web world. The graph of the popularity of HTML5 has still not reached its peak and has the long way in its journey to rule the web world.

We at Swift E-learning Services are proud to develop e-learning courses for mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or Tablets or Smart Phones using HTML5 for our clients and provide those results with unmatched quality. We are one of the best companies with the team of experienced Instructional Designers in the e-world and excel at providing e-learning solutions to our clients all over the Globe by making use of the cutting edge technology for e-learning i.e. HTML5.


One stop solution for elearning – Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is just an amazing and revolutionary tool for e-learning. It is actually the one stop solution which provides the variety of options. It is very simple when it comes to be used by new developers as well as full of surprises for the experts as more and more time you spend with it you will be introduced with some or the other very useful and surprising features.


It is a power packed solution to all the requirements for the e-learning developers as it comes with not only the text but it is a combination of audio, video, special sound effects, special affects, animation and many more.


Articulate Storyline is just awesome whether it is used by a developer or a learner. You do not need to be trained before starting it as it is very user friendly and if you are familiar with power point then it is just like using power point with a tint of entertainment with more ease and better output.


There are many interesting features which gives the developer enough freedom to use it in a very customized and interesting way. One can use ready to use templates for his presentation as well as design his own template from scratch according to need of the presentation.


With Articulate Storyline there is no need to search for characters and clip arts to make the presentation more interesting. It provides you with the option to add 47500 combinations of photographic characters with different poses and expression which help you to connect more with your learners.


It is so interactive to use that it seems you are not using it, in fact you are experiencing it. It provides you with a whole new dimension of interactive designing which keeps the learner so involved as if you are sitting just in front of him. It has made the complex tasks of making interactive slides so easy that it can be done with simple steps of few clicks.


The list of Articulate Storyline’s features is almost endless. In fact it is something which cannot be described but should be experienced. And that different experience is provided by the Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd. as we are pioneer in providing elearning services.


We provide the courses by the best of the Instructional Designers in different fields to cater the needs of the learners in all the segments with the apt use of elearning tools and provide the unbeatable experience of online training. With the use of the exclusive features of Articulate Storyline, we has developed numerous courses for the various industries and has amazed and spellbound with the kind of output it has provided.


Australian prospect visits Swift Elearning Services!!

July 4th 2012, 10 AM, Our business prospect from Australia Mike Wallace (CEO) visited Swift Elearning Services.

Swift Elearning Services has ventured in the Australian market targeting many companies belonging to different verticals. Mike Wallace visited our office to detail about the proposed project confirming the business deal. Our company Director Syed Amjad Ali extended warm welcome to Mike, affirming longstanding business relationship.

Mike had personally interacted with all the teams knowing more about their work profile and skill set. Our marketing specialist Mr. Ajay briefed Mike about the company services and project process.

To conclude with, both the parties are of the opinion that the visit would lay strong foundation to the business and reap mutual benefits.


Can movies be a useful motivational tool for the employees?

Does your organization suffer lack of productivity or employee motivation? Employee morale is affected by turnover, limited pay increases, workplace accidents, organization restructuring, etc. We had worked on many different options to motivate employees, but all in vain. It was then that we experimented with movies as a good source of motivation for employees.


Most of the movies give a take home message, these when channeled in the right direction cater to the overall growth of an individual.

We at Swift eLearning Services carry out many extracurricular activities apart from the routine work. We experimented with a Hindi movie called Chak De! India to motivate our own team. This training activity was carried out on 8th of April wherein the entire team of Swift watched the movie together.

The movie was followed by a training session during which our company Director Mr. Syed Amjad Ali handed out questionnaires to the entire team. Questions were framed such that the employees would have to relate themselves to the given movie character and apply the newly gained knowledge or understanding to the workplace scenario.


Q1. What is the coach trying to convey to his team? [Movie reference 24.50–26.00] AND relate the situation to the company.

Q2. How important is the decision team captain made? Give one example from your personal life where you took a challenging decision on your own. Movie reference [44.15 – 45.00]

The movie is a journey about how the players are molded into one teamprioritizing team goals and needs before their personal needs and ego’s. This training session brought out questions and suggestions from all the team players. We could detect observable changes in the employees in terms of their performance as a team or as individual team players that contribute to the growth of the organization as a whole.

The end result of this training session had some observable changes as follows:

·The team stopped responding as “It’s not my work”, “I am not responsible for this job”.

·There was NO blaming between the team.

·The team leads supported their team well, understanding the lack of experience which juniors faced in handling projects.

·Team NO longer complains for staying overtime during a project submission.

Having witnessed these changes within the team we soon plan to have a session on Appreciation and saying Thanks!


Flash Action Script Error For Course Published Using Authoring Tool

Authoring tools always makes the work simple for developing an elearning course, classroom training or webinars. But this time it was a big challenge we came across with authoring tools.

One of our clients has developed 100 quizzes using a Quiz Maker authoring tool. Each quiz were have questions somewhere from 90 – 120. All the development face complement and everything worked absolutely fine on offline. When the quizzes were uploaded online, they were showing following error “A script in this movie is causing FLASH 10 to run slowly. Do you want to cancel the script.”

Solving any scripting error is not a big issues but the challenge was since the quizzes were published using an Authoring tool, we don’t have source files. If we try to use any Flash Decompile software then as per my knowledge there is no such decompiling software which can decode accurately a .swf generated using an authoring tool.

The reason for displaying script error was, in the quizzes it was having huge questions which were taking quite some time to get loaded and because the loading time was exceeding the default loading time, the error was generated.

To fix this issue we used a code injector and increase the default loading time and it worked absolutely fine.

Hope this article helped you understand how to solve flash action script error for over loaded content without decompiling it.