6 key Skills of a Project Manager

The success or failure of any project entirely depends upon the way it has been managed by the Project Manager. A Project Manager can shine the project or ruin the project. It is the set of skills of a Project Manager on which the project depends. The most important 6 key skills of a project manager which can change the game are as follows:

Budgeting: The next very important skill is to budget your project. In spite of your organization having whole set of skilled accounts people whose duty is to monitor the budget of your project, it is very important for a Project Manager to keep the record of everything in terms of the budget of the project. It helps to know the expenses and cost at every level and controls the budget within the limit and also helps in the future projects.

Analysis: Has it ever happened with you that at the time of delivery or in the mid of project, client happens to say that he required something else and you are working in a different direction altogether? I hope your answer should be ‘NO’ but it is not always no. There are times when such things happen and spoil your overall effort. But if we go back and think why this has happened then we will immediately get the answer that we have not understood the client’s requirement or we have not done the proper research. Analysis can be described as the process of understanding and specifying the objectives, discovering about the overall need and importance of project, listing the requirements, preparation for critical situations which cause unnecessary delay and its recovery system and finally the time of completion of project and its delivery. Proper analysis can definitely lead the project to achieve success.

Communication: Communication is a key to success whether it is a professional communication or a personal communication. If you are good in communicating your views or opinion to your team in an effective manner then you have already cleared your first important phase towards the success of any project. Communicating effectively with the team members’ help in various ways to balance the group dynamics. There are many advantages of good communication for a project manager working with a team.

Following are the important characteristics of a good communicator:

  • The project manager should be very clear about what to say and whom to say. It will help to avoid any misconception or confusion between team members and the project manager.
  • Project manager should be very confident about his words as the whole team depends upon him.
  • Being approachable is very important for a project manager as there can be different views and idea of the team members which will not be able to flow in the team and to the manager effectively if he is conservative towards taking others ideas.
  • He should have the skill of coming to conclusion and agreement with his effective communication skill.

Team Work: As a project manager it is very important to bind the team as a whole in order to make them work together to achieve the desired goals. Any project is accomplished with the combined effort of all the participating members in the team. Team work has many advantages which help a project to sail through and make it a successful journey and this journey requires a leader that is the project manager to keep the team members motivated to complete their tasks.

Calmness:  It is very old sayings that how much difficult the situation is, don’t lose your patience and calm. It is very easy to say than done but believe me it works a lot. It is the very important skill for a Project Manager to be calm during the stressful period and encourage the other team members to overcome the hard time and come out as the winner.

Time Management: Whatever you do and how effectively it is done but if not delivered in time then it loses its importance and purpose. Time management is very important for a Project Manager. It is the whole sole responsibility of the Project Manager to keep the track of all the work done by the team so that it can be delivered in the required time frame. There are few important practices which can help a Project Manager to utilize his time effectively to get the best output.

All the above mentioned skills behave as the backbone of the Project Manager and if he adheres to all these skills and able to maintain the basic standard, there is almost no chance that the objectives will not meet.


5 comments on “6 key Skills of a Project Manager

  1. Other key skills in successful management of Projects are attention to detail and cross functional knowledge. It is key that the Project Manager should know what is going on right across the project if it is a cross functional project.
    I would also agree that budgeting or control of expenses is key, as cost, time and Quality are the three key measurements when looking at success of a project.
    One more important factor is Environment awareness – or Company culture awareness – as a good PM needs to know the environment he is working within and know the “ins and outs” of the industry or company he is working for. What works with one project may now work with all!.

  2. Shalini, thank you for detailing and defining the attributes. i have recently begun coaching Project Managers and this is relevant and useful information. The content would be more pleasant to read with some proof-reading. I make this comment to increase the effectiveness of your insight.

    • Thank you Barry for your appreciation and advice too.
      You will find more useful articles of your interest. keep
      Shalini Singh

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